We have American, English and British Labrador Retriever puppies for sale.


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English Labradors:

American Labradors:

Blocky head, thicker chested, lower to the ground. Generally lower energy levels and softer disposition.

The longer, leaner, faster Labrador, designed for field work and with the advanced intelligence and trainability to complete advanced competition tasks and work as service dogs. 

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Stella comes from a very nice hunting line of English Labradors. She has intense drive, is a good natural marker and hard charger in the field.  She is also a great suggler!  She is very sweet and loves to spend time with her family. 


Ginger has a decorated field pedigree, she is one of the best natural markers I have ever worked with and her on and off switch is beyond compare. 

She is a thoughtful, pliable dog, her puppies would excel at retriever work, companionship, and make great therapy or service dogs.  


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High quality field pedigree, an FC AFC Watermark's The Boss Granddaughter. Ellie adores children and thrives in the house.  She is extremely eager to please and consistently produces very well balanced puppies. 





Autumn boasts an impressive field and show pedigree.  Her Sire is a Senior Hunter show champion with a Master pass and working towards his grand show champion title!  Her mothers lines demonstrate exceptional work drive, with a superior loving, family temperament.  Autumn is a true yellow, but when paired with fox red will produce it. 


Tesla is an import cross, Her mother is a Ukranian Labrador and her Sire is a Russian Labrador.  Tesla has an excellent drive to retrieve that compliments her sweet, gentle loving personality perfectly.  She will make a great Therapy dog as well as a Hunting Retriever!

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Shine is the daughter of an HRCH CH MH, one of only around 45 dogs in the country to hold such titles.  Her Dame is an accomplished hunt test dog and hunting companion.  Shine has a very consistent drive to retrieve and is an absolute sweet heart!  She will excel both as a hunting dog and as a Therapy dog.   



Millie has a solid HRC pedigree, but her advanced intelligence and trainability are off the charts. She is by far one of the smartest dogs I have ever trained.  I look forward to reproducing her advanced intelligence and trainability in her puppies. They would make exceptional candidates for competition retrievers. 


Zoey has an exceptional field pedigree, daughter of an FC and an MH.  She's got crazy drive and is extremely intelligent.  Though purchased to work as a Hunting Retriever, she has excelled as a Service dog, naturally alerting her handler to scent changes, warning her handler before an episode begins. 

British Labradors:

More compact than the American, but not as boxy as the english, with a slightly blocky head and a softer general disposition than the Americans



Chloe boasts an impressive British fox red pedigree.  She's a super sweet, affectionate, easygoing girl in temperament, a good natural marker and brings eagerness to please to her puppies. 


An impressive field pedigree backs up this American/ British Cross, to produce a dog who is ultra responsive to children, trains smoothly and easily and is very well balanced with other dogs. Her puppies will be competition/ companion/ gundog and Therapy/ Service dog prospects.