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We have Conformation and "British" style Labrador Retriever puppies for sale.


Labradors Come in 3 colors, Black yelllow and Chocolate, and a shade- fox red


Conformation style Labradors:

Most of our breeding program dogs live in Guardian homes in the Central TX area, Many of them volunteer one day a week with out Therapy dog Program: Compassion Canine Ministries, serving local Christian Children's homes by providing therapeutic interaction with dogs.

Blocky head, thicker chested, lower to the ground. Generally lower energy levels and softer disposition.

Austumn the yellow Labrador- Started Hunting Retriever


Autumn boasts an impressive field and show pedigree.  Her Sire is a Senior Hunter show champion with a Master pass and working towards his grand show champion title!  Her mothers lines demonstrate exceptional work drive, with a superior loving, family temperament, with a Service Dog Littermate.

Molly the Fox Red Labrador, UKC Show Champion


Molly is a UKC Show Champion, International Show Champion and has her Labrador Working Certificate, as well as UKC Started Hunter passes. She also has a qualifying score and first place in her first Rally trial, this girl really does it all!

 Her sweet, silly, loving, fun personality are her key traits, Molly is a blast to train, or just spend time with, she simply makes every day better!

Field Show Cross- 

A combination of the conformation and the field type.  The perfect mix of correct form and function, with advanced intelligence, trainability and problem solving skills.

Lacey the Chocolate Labrador


Lacey achieved her UKC show champion title 11/17 and has already started picking up legs towards her Grand Champion Title! She is a Sassy X Lazarus 2021 puppy, she has a great on and off switch with nice confirmation style and shape.  She is preparing to compete in Rally Obedience and will try her hand at an international dog show in 2024! I cant wait to see the dog she will mature into!

British Labradors:

More compact than the American Field Bred Labrador, but not as boxy as the conformation style, with a slightly blocky head and a softer general disposition than the Americans

Reecie the British Fox Red Labrador, Junior Hutner


Reecie is a Junior Hutner, Ruby Niece, daughter of Bacon.  She has an impressive British pedigree crossed with American lines.  She has a supremely balanced temperament, with a superior on and off switch.  She has the potential to be a national competition level dog in the future!

Penny the British Fox Red Labrador


Penny is out of Bacon X Ruby.  She lives in a co-own in Louisiana and is a fabulous family companion as well as hunting dog.  We will get a limited number of breeding's from her before she retires with her family. 

She actually belongs to Ruby's Breeder, who was unable to keep a puppy out of Ruby's Mom, we are so honored to be able to fulfill this family's desire to keep a dog out of their exceptional line!



Aeriss is a Bacon X Ruby puppy- which is our most popular breeding and has been for several years.  I decided to keep Aeriss out of Ruby's final litter to keep her line going.  Aeriss' temperament is very similar to Bacon, she is the calm, easygoing, emotionally intelligent, snuggle bug!  I plan to pursue a therapy title, rally obedience and hunt tests with her and she will be my future demo dog!


HRCH Just Ginger.jpg


Ginger has a decorated field pedigree, she is one of the best natural markers I have ever worked with and her on and off switch is beyond compare. 
She is a thoughtful, pliable dog, her puppies excelled at retriever work, companionship, and her offspring have even gone on to become therapy and service dogs! She was the foundation female that started our breeding program!
Ginger has retired in our home where she loves to snuggle and play! 



Tesla is a UKC Show Champion and Junior Hunter out of European import lines.  She has a nice drive to retrieve that compliments her sweet, gentle loving personality perfectly. Tesla has retired with her guardian home where she loves going to work with her Mom daily and visiting all of the pet friendly Austin restaurants and stores!


With an exceptional conformation and working pedigree Sunshine was a staple female at the start of our breeding program.  She is now retired with her Co-owner in West Texas where she enjoys participating in shed dog, rally and conformation events.

Ruby the Fox Red Labrador, British Labrador, Senior Hunter


An impressive field pedigree backs up this American/ British Cross, to produce a dog who is ultra responsive to children, trains smoothly and easily and is very well balanced with other dogs. Her puppies will be competition/ companion/ gundog and Therapy/ Service dog prospects. 


Sassy the Chocolate Labrador

Sassy has her Labrador Working Certificate, she is a field X Show Cross, out of Ginger and Jett.  Ginger brings superior natural marking ability and drive, while Jett brings the silly, loving personality with a phenomenal bone structure. Sassy has the famous on and off switch that Ginger puppies are known for,

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