SHR Legend's Red Hot Rebel Jewel JH


DOB : 4/19/2016

Apx 45 lbs

Very compact, agile, fast, dark red.

OFA Hips/ Elbows- pending

EIC/ CNM Clear by parentage

Ruby is the up and comer of Legend, with the superior on and off switch that I am always seeking, Ruby is an involved and compassionate big sister to Mason, always in the middle of whatever game he's playing with his "guys" or on his "tromp" through the woods.  Ruby's affectionate, eager to please temperament combined with her personal confidence make her the perfect wrestle and play buddy for 6 year old Mason.  My favorite quote, " Ruby is my favorite because she's more like a dude than a princess."  Haha!

In the field Ruby's drive is insatiable, she was birdy from the moment it was introduced, she picks up concepts quickly whether it be marking or drill training, shes a fast learner.  Her eagerness to please, quick learning and high drive make her a shoe in when it comes to handling, Ruby has potential to be a Master level dog no doubt and I fully intend to take her there.