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Puppy Questionnaire/ Application

The next step in inquiring about or to reserve a puppy is by completing this questionnaire. If you are approved for a puppy, you will then receive an email invoice for the Initial Puppy Deposit of $350.  This deposit is non refundable for one calendar year.  At the conclusion of that year, if we have been unable to produce a puppy for you, you may either choose to receive a refund of your deposit, or you may choose to stay on the list on a month to month basis.  This deposit is for one puppy, if you intend to buy more than one puppy, then more than one deposit will be required.  Although, you may sit on more than one list with one deposit.  (For example, you could be on the list for a Puppy out of Ruby and Sunshine simultaneously, and choose to receive a puppy out of whichever litter is produced first, or whichever litter you like better.


Once approved and on the list for a puppy, this information is what we will use during temperament testing stages to choose the puppy that best fits your goals, so please fill out the form completely and provide plenty of information.  Questionnaires that are not satisfactorily completed will not be considered for placement of a puppy. 

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