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When you tell his story, he should be a Legend

Upcoming Litters:

I am always accepting upcoming litter reservations.

I have all of my planned breedings for the year posted here so that you can take your time, shop, and have plenty of opportunity to reserve a puppy from a breeding in which you are interested.

There is a $350 Deposit Required to get on the list for a Puppy. This deposit goes towards the cost of your puppy.  It is Non- Refundable for one year, from the date that you placed the deposit.  If I am unable to produce a puppy for you within that year, you may request return of your deposit, or you may continue to wait on the list. You may be on the list for more than one litter at a time.  One deposit per puppy, not per household.  So, if you wish to purchase two puppies, you would need to place two deposits.  (I will waive the deposit fee for Service Dogs and under other special circumstances.  Contact me if you think your situation might qualify) Complete the Puppy Questionnaire to reserve a future breeding or inquire further about the process.

Gundog/ Family Companion/ Service Dog/ Therapy Dog Litter
Planned: Winter 2023/2024

Molly CH with name.jpg

Gundog/ Family Companion/ Service Dog/ Therapy Dog Litter
Planned: Spring 2023

Scout the Fox Red British Labrador
Scout the Fox Red British Labrador Jumping
Reecie the FOx Red British Labrador
Reecie the FOx Red Briitish Labrador jumping

Scout X Reecie

(Fox Red)
Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
EIC/ CNM/ PRA/ SD2: Clear


OFFA Hips: Good

Elbows: Normal

Genetic Tests:
Pending (Clear by parentage)

Tamrose Columbo
Legend's Red Hot Recoil

Junior HUnter

I am very excited about this British style breeding.  Both Reecie and Scout are of the small to medium size, with a superior on and off switch.  Both dogs are bred the "British" style, meaning that they are bred to be extremely balanced, affectionate, people oriented and eager to please, with superior drive in the field and an excellent, people oriented demeanor inside the house.  

Reecie is a Co-own who loves sleeping in the bed with her Mom and Dad at night, as well as snuggling with her 5 year old little girl/ sister.  She just completed her Junior Hunter title and is currently preparing to run for her Senior title.  
Scout is a recent import from Ireland, where he was undergoing Field Trial training before he was sold to the US.  Scout is a marking machine, sitting like a stone while the marks are going down and slinging dirt in your face when he's sent.  These "British" style dogs make excellent dogs for hunt tests, gundogs and first time self trainers.  They have all the drive in the world, but are not so "drivey" that you need to use a ton of pressure to reel them in.  Their superior balance makes them a fabulous candidate for the novice trainer.  

Scout X Reecie Puppies
With Limited Registration and a 26 Month Hip Guarantee


Gundog/ Competition/ Family Companion/ Therapy or Service Dog Litter Planned Spring 2023



BAcon the Fox Red Labrador
Bacon the FOx REd Labrador
Ruby the fox Red british Labrador
Ruby the FOx Red Labrador Senior HUnter

Started Hunting Retriever
Legend's Bringin' Home The Bacon
Junior Hunter * Therapy DOgs International
Started Hunting Retriever 
Legend's Red Hot Rebel Jewel

Senior HUnter * Canine Good Citizen * Working Certificate * Therapy DOgs International

 Rub has one seasoned pass and one master pass, I expect her to achieve her master title Spring of 2022.  Ruby has also completed her certification as a Therapy dog and next she plans to master human remains detection!  Bacon is titled as a junior hunter but because he truly shines as a therapy dog I completed his therapy certification and have not continued pressing field work.

Bacon comes from an accomplished HRC line of British and English Fox Reds out of Louisiana, both parents are HRCH titled, his sire is a MH.  Ruby also comes from accomplished hunt test lines, both parents being HRCH MH titled, with an impressive list of GRHRCH dogs on Sire's side and FC's on Mom's side.  Bacon and Ruby are both ultra talented in the field.  Ruby is an exceptional natural marker with a superior memory for multiple birds.  She is also extremely pliable and takes direction well on blinds.  Bacon has great drive and is really the thinker, he takes direction beautifully and is a real team player.  

In the house, you couldn't ask for two better dogs.  Ruby is Mason's dog, she sleeps with him at night and follows him everywhere he goes.  Bacon is also (technically) Mason's dog, Mason ran Bacon for several of his started points in HRC tests.  

As a breeder you will regularly hear me say- you breed balance to balance to achieve balance.  These to dogs are the epitome of proper breeding, superior temperament and will produce some beautifully balanced puppies.  This is a repeat breeding, I received SO much positive feedback, especially from professional trainers after their last litter, than I decided to repeat it so that I can keep a puppy for myself!

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