We are seeking local families (Central Texas) who are interested in owning a very well trained dog and giving back to the Labrador breed, without the risk or hard work of whelping a litter.  Our Co -Ownership program allows you to take home a high end companion at a fraction of the price, with little personal risk and big rewards!



How does it work?

  • Approved families purchase a puppy (Between $2,000-$2,500) and receive training for free!  A minimum of off lead obedience provided for all Co-Own dogs.

  • Depending upon the training goals for your assigned puppy (Retriever training/ Therapy training/ Agility/ Dock Diving etc)  you will split puppy raising time (between 2-6 months of age) with me.

  • At 6 months of age your puppy comes to me full time for a minimum of 2 months, some as long as 4-8 months.  Timelines dependent upon training goals.

  • While the puppy/ dog is with you, you are responsible for food, shots, veterinary care, emergent or regular, flea and tick preventative, etc.

  • While the dog is with me, I am responsible for all Veterinary care. 

  • Dog is required to board at my facility any time you need to go out of town, you receive a 50% discount off the normal boarding rate.

  • Dogs will return to me to be tested for joint health, and genetic diseases at and or before age 2.

  • Upon passing health testing and clearances, dog will becomes eligible for breeding.  

  • Dames are delivered to me and I manage all aspects of the breeding, and return her to you pregnant. She will then return to me 2 weeks before puppies are due.

  • Puppies are whelped in my house, with full time care provided, with 24/7 webcam that you may access.

  • Families may visit Mom and puppies after puppies are 2 weeks old.  

  • You are invited to attend the puppy go home party!  Meet the puppies and their new families!

  • You may receive one free puppy out of your dog for your family, or sell one puppy to a friend or family member at a 50% discounted rate (One puppy per breeding career.)

  • Upon retirement from breeding, you have the dog spayed and she becomes yours!  

We breed Labradors because we are passionate about dogs!  So, its important to me that each dog has a happy and fulfilling life! We prefer our girls to live in homes who will hunt them, take them to volunteer as therapy dogs, or otherwise use their skills to work and just live great lives!  Making the world a better place, one sloppy Labrador kiss at a time! 

Adding a high quality Labrador, purpose bred, to your home, watching it compete and title; then watching the miracle of life unfold before you.  All this, at a fraction of the normal cost.  A Co-Own is a win win!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, complete the puppy questionnaire and be sure to mention that you would like more information about

Co-Ownership opportunities!