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We are seeking local families (Central Texas) who are interested in housing a very well bred and well trained dog, who also happens to be saving the world, one child at a time! 

We offer Guardian home opportunities to families based upon their individual needs, we choose and help you raise puppies specifically to meet your goals and needs. We offer free training for each dog, and pride ourselves in helping you shape your perfect companion who can also give back to the Labrador breed!  We maintain all breeding rights to the dogs and periodically will call on each individual to give back to the breed.  This is a fun way to own a high end competitive dog, companion dog or Therapy dog.  

Guardian Homes


How does it work?

  • Seeking Families in the Brazos valley that want to be a Guardian for some incredible therapy dogs.

  • The majority of the dogs in our breeding program volunteer one day a week at a local Christian Children's home, allowing the students to go hands on, teaching, training, and learning dog body language and communication.  

  • Students receive therapeutic interaction with dogs, while also building empathy and learning practical skills that they can take into the workforce.

  • Students work towards competing with dogs in a Rally Obedience competition.  

Qualified Therapy dog families live in the Bryan/ College Station area and are willing to drop their dog off for an afternoon a week to participate in our therapy program.  


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Mason kisses a puppy
  • Live outside of the BCS area?  We offer Guardian opportunities with customers within a 3 hour driving distance of Bryan/ College Station, each dog assignment is based on your individual needs and the dog's energy level.  We match you with the right dog to best meet your families needs! 

  • Thank you might be a good Guardian home?  Complete the puppy questionnaire to get more information!  

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