Basic and Advanced Obedience Training






4 Week Advanced Obedience:

Advanced obedience is designed for the dog owner who really wants to be able to do it all!  Want compliments at the dog park, hoping someday your friends will fight over who gets to watch your dog when you go out of town?  This program will make it happen!  

Advanced Obedience Includes:

  • Here- your recall command.

  • Heel- this tells your dog to walk at your left or right side on or off lead without pulling the leash or getting ahead.

  • Sit- sit means sit, there is no stay command.  This includes a remote sit, where you can walk away from your dog, even out of his view and expect him to maintain his sit.

  • Down- Down is useful when intoruducing your dog to new people, particularly kids or people who might be unsure of dogs.  

  • Place- I teach your dog to place wherever you tell him, a dog bed, a stump at the park, the seat of your polaris, and he should stay there.  He can stand up, lay down, play with toys, but he is not allowed to leave that place until you tell him he can get off, even if that means 2 hours. 

  • Waiting at doors, to get out of the car, the crate until you release the dog to come through.  No more busting through the front door.

  • Leave it- Thats not your toy!  Leave it alone.

  • The e-collar I recommend for this package is the Educator, it retails for $220, but can be included with this package for only $200.

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