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Advanced Obedience Training






4 Week Advanced Obedience:

Advanced obedience is designed for the dog owner who really wants to be able to do it all!  Want compliments at the dog park, hoping someday your friends will fight over who gets to watch your dog when you go out of town?  This is the program for you!  

This is a 100% In home program, meaning that your dog learns how to complete his obedience tasks in an environment similar to your home.  Sleeping crated inside the house, obedience in the park, and social outings to Lowes and Tractor supply, ensure that your dog can be obedient in ANY environment.  Your dog will fee right at home, here in my home!

Advanced Obedience Includes:

  • Here- your recall command.

  • Heel- this tells your dog to walk at your left or right side on or off lead without pulling the leash or getting ahead.

  • Sit- sit means sit, there is no stay command.  This includes a remote sit, where you can walk away from your dog, even out of his view and expect him to maintain his sit.

  • Down- Down is useful when intoruducing your dog to new people, particularly kids or people who might be unsure of dogs.  

  • Place- I teach your dog to place wherever you tell him, a dog bed, a stump at the park, the seat of your polaris, and he should stay there.  He can stand up, lay down, play with toys, but he is not allowed to leave that place until you tell him he can get off, even if that means 2 hours. 

  • Waiting at doors, to get out of the car, the crate until you release the dog to come through.  No more busting through the front door.

  • Leave it- Thats not your toy!  Leave it alone.

  • The e-collar I recommend for this package is the Educator, it retails for $220, but can be included with this package for only $200.

Sandy the yellow Lab maintains a place inside my home while I sweep and mop.  Sandy chews on her bone and stays happily entertained despite my movements around the room.  Great work Sandy!

Urban the Weimaraner was an outside dog before his obedience training at Legend.  His owners reported that he was counter surfing, digging in the trash and several other undesirable behaviors, so he had been kicked out of the house and not allowed back in.


Here he is practicing place while I load dirty dishes into the dishwasher, you can see that he shows interest in the food smell, but makes a good decision, picking up his bone and ignoring the dishes.  Great work Urban!

Did you know that the first 6 months of a puppy's life is the equivalent of the first 18 years of a person's life!?!? That means their habits, temperament, energy level and attitude are all solidified based on their experiences and interactions during those first 6 months! Did you know that by modifying their experiences you can actually mold and shape their personality, energy level, attitude and habits!?!

INTRODUCING the Service and Therapy Puppy Raising Program! Designed to produce high end working dogs, but also ideal for Hunting, Sporting dogs and Family Companion dogs as well.


This program sends you weekly emails with videos, product list and detailed descriptions of the professional training techniques that we use to build high end working dog puppies so that you can do it yourself at home! Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime! When you learn these puppy raising tools and begin to understand advanced concepts and terminology of the professional training industry you will not only produce a much more well rounded dog, but you will advance your knowledge and communication skills and take this forward into the lifelong relationship with this dog, other dogs you meet and any future puppies you raise!

Whether you are a self training a Service Dog candidate, want a superior Therapy Dog to volunteer with, a highly balanced and driven Hunting dog, or a calm and emotionally intelligent family pet, this program gives you the skills to mold your puppy into the best version it can possibly be! This program has two options- the do it entirely yourself version, or weekly meetups with the trainer to walk you through the process. Contact me by texting 512-786-5373 to find out more about this new program!

Check out our Facebook page to see the dogs we are currently working with!

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