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We offer one-on-one training sessions with you, either in your home, or at a park in the Kyle/ Buda/South Austin area.  The location of our meetings can progress as your dog moves to more advanced levels of training, based on your training goals, as well as the needs of each individual dog. 

Home Depot/ Lowes, Starbucks patio, Tractor Supply, or a local park are my favorite spots to meet, each environment offers something different in terms of stimuli. With so many great options I can pick and choose the location that will best set your dog up for success as we work through varying levels of stimuli.


 I also offer 2 board and train spaces per month (available through summer of 2024), these spaces fill quickly, usually months in advance.  Board and train dogs get to live in the home, with myself and my family for a one month obedience training program.  This is an immersive program, allowing the dog to learn the rules of my home during their stay, this produces faster results.

My training style is unique, I use low pressure techniques specifically designed drills to ensure that your dog has an on and off switch- on when it's time to work, off in the house.  

Legend is an appointment based dog training school, we also offer a select number of board and train spaces per month. 

We also offer E-Courses to help you train your dog from the comfort of your own home!

 We take the safety and security of our customers' dogs very seriously; for this reason, we welcome you to visit us by appointment only.

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