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What Makes us Legendary..

1. We are selective in who we choose to bring into our breeding program-We choose our breeding stock from some of the most promising dogs around the country and even in the world!  We are seeking the highest health clearances and best temperaments and working drive in the Labrador gene pool. 


2. We are breeding for Temperament,

above all else-
We are not a show breeder, we do not breed just for looks.  We are not a field breeder, we do not breed just for hunting ability.  We are a purpose breeder who is temperament focused.  Our goal is to produce Service dogs, therapy dogs, hunting dogs and high end family companions, dogs that possess advanced intelligence and trainability, with a biddable and eager to please attitude.  These dogs should also be kind, gentle and loving, with the ability to work and relax- an on and off switch.  
We believe that each "type" of Labrador brings benefits to the breed as a whole and for that reason, we regularly mix the "types" in order to produce a dog that has a balanced temperament as well as a balanced physical appearance.  All of our breeding dogs undergo OFFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) joint health testing, an Embark Genetic testing panel, a heart echo and eyes cleared.

3. Our Advanced Puppy Raising Curriculum-
Our puppy raising program is designed around producing very well balanced service dogs, therefore we expose ALL of our puppies to advanced curriculum!

  • Early Neurological Stimulation- Scientific studies conducted by the US Government show that early exposure to sensory stimuli and scent actually kick start the brains developing neurological pathways.  Early Scent Introduction actually magnifies a puppy's developing scenting ability. 

  • We set up intricate indoor and outdoor play pens that change every few days.  This teaches puppies to walk up ramps, on uneven surfaces, wobbly surfaces and to look up to interact with hanging toys.

Sound and Texture De-Sensitization- We introduce alternate textures to puppies before their eyes open.  As soon as their ears open we begin to play a sound de-sensitization cd- including fireworks, thunderstorms, babies crying, a car crash, etc.  We play this at low volume at first and slowly raise it until puppies are accustomed to very loud and irritating sounds without displaying fear or concern.

  • We introduce a potty area and train puppies to exclusively use this area, not the bedding or play area.  This area is filled with compressed grass, which teaches your puppy to seek out the smell of grass to potty. 

  • We provide vitamin, nutrient and joint supplements in puppies food, and we supplement with goats milk for high quality fats, blueberries for antioxidants, and greek yogurt for healthy fat and probiotics.  

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