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I provide a variety of Services to meet the needs of any Dog Owner.


Birdy, down stay at the park
 Advanced Obedience
Ruby and Allie public Acces Test

Therapy Dog Training

Obedience is the foundation for EVERYTHING! This program is designed for people who want a generally well-rounded dog--one who can be calm in the house, maintain obedience in the park, and display good manners with company.  Advanced obedience is the primary training courses for all programs at Legend.

Whether you are interested in volunteering with your dog to bring joy to sick children or the elderly, this program is designed for you!  My Public Access program teaches puppies and adult dogs how to process and filter the world around them so that they are comfortable and confident in any and all situations. 

Retriever Training- Our low pressure training methods are revolutionary for the industry!  Our methods focus on teach and reinforce- instead of the traditional- high pressure until the dog figures it out.  We have successfully trained multiple dogs that washed out of other kennels programs prior to ours.  Because we focus just as much on what tasks the dogs can perform, just as much as how much the dog enjoys performing the tasks. 

Service Dog training is one of the most important options that we provide.  We understand the growing need for support from professional trainers for individuals who are working to train their own service dog.  Because these are the most time consuming dogs to train, they are also some of the most expensive dogs to produce.  We understand that there is a limited opportunity for service dog self trainers to receive consistent, reliable, professional help at affordable rates.  That's why we created our E-Course complete with detailed written instructions, infographics and videos as well as in person appointments to help you.  At conclusion our students complete a public access test performed by an independant tester and graduate with a certificate showing the hours and passing scores on all of our tests, to ensure access into public by this well trained dog. 

Puppy Jump Start is designed to give your puppy a head start in water confidence, early socialization, puppy handling, early introduction to obedience and superior socialization! This program is designed for Therapy dogs but any and all puppies benefit greatly from this program!

A home help mate is a dog that provides services to mitigate a disability, but doesn't necessarily need public access. Home Help Mates are a little talked about or acknowledged concept in the service dog industry, but the work they do is just as important!  We understand the need for these specifically trained dogs and have created an E-course to address the specific training needs of those who may find themselves needing a home help mate.  This program covers puppy raising, core obedience curriculum and task training. Reach out to us today to find out if your desired tasks are on the list of tasks that we teach! 

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