I provide a variety of Services to meet the needs of any Dog Owner.


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 Advanced Obedience
In Home
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Service and Therapy Dog Training

Obedience is the foundation for EVERYTHING! This program is designed for people who want a generally well-rounded dog--one who can be calm in the house, maintain obedience in the park, and display good manners with company.  Advanced obedience is the primary training courses for all programs at Legend.

Whether you are interested in volunteering with your dog to bring joy to sick children or the elderly, or you have a disability that you think a dog could help you with, this program is designed for you!  My Public Access program teaches puppies and adult dogs how to process and filter the world around them so that they are comfortable and confident in any and all situations. 

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Puppy Jump Start
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Puppy Jump Start is designed to give your puppy a head start in water confidence, early socialization, puppy handling, early introduction to obedience and superior socialization! This program is designed for Service and Therapy dogs, and all puppies benefit greatly from this program!

Finding a good boarding option for your high energy retriever or a dog who is more than accustomed to being in the house, is not always an easy task.  Whether you want traditional kennel boarding at a competitive price, or in-home boarding where you pooch can be loved and pampered, you have come to the right place!


Interested in a litter of puppies, but not sure if you have the time or experience to whelp them?  Legend's whelping service is your answer.  We offer a heated and air conditioned whelping room just feet from the living room, video monitoring for 24 hour care, years of experience whelping, as well as the ability to be constantly avalible for a young mother. My facility is perfectly set up to handle the hard part so that you can enjoy your litter of pups!