Advanced Obedience Package:

4 Weeks of training- $1,700

(Two payments of $850)

Puppy Jump Start: $600 per month

This program includes crate training, puppy potty texturization (the first 50% of potty training in the house).  Socializes puppy to other puppies, adult dogs, water, loud noises and teaches basic obedience commands to puppies in months 4 and 5. 

Also available as a full time in home option, see below.

I only accept five dogs for training at any given time, meaning your dog gets individualized attention and training from start to finish!

You can pay your monthly bill online with a credit or debit card using our online invoicing system.  Keep track of all of your payments, contract and other documents with our client portal.

  • Full-time in-home training: $1,000 per month.  Through immersion, all of the in-home training commands are learned faster and more thoroughly.


  • Boarding In Kennels: $30 per day, per dog. This includes a 15-minute drop off and pickup appointment, even when scheduling on Sundays. If you need additional time on a Sunday, or outside of normal hours, there will be an after-hours appointment fee. 


  • Appointment policy: Normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, and every other Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. If you need to see me outside of those hours for more than a 15-minute boarding drop off and pickup, there will be a $50 after-hours appointment fee due at the time of service. If you show up more than 45 minutes late or miss an appointment without canceling at least 2 hours in advance, you will also incur a $50 missed appointment fee.


  • Additional feesI currently do charge extra for live birds--this used to be included in the training fee to make billing easier and more straightforward for my customers.  But, the primary bird supplier in Central Texas closed his doors in 2020, leaving us seeking birds from as far away as Oklahoma and Kansas. Until this situation improves, we will be charging $25 per month for birds for dogs in the phases on training that require birds.  (Not required for obedience dogs, only required for 2/4 months in basic retriever, all months in advanced and finished level)


  • All dogs are required to be on flea/tick and heartworm preventative while in training, if you do not have your own, I can provide it for an additional $40 per month.  I can also provide booster shots if they are required while your dog is training, per your request.