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Advanced Obedience Board and Train Package:

4 Weeks of training- $2,500

(Two payments of $1,250)

Self Train Service Dogs- This program is billed monthly, at $150 per 1 hour lesson, meeting weekly. (Monthly training costs between $600-$750 per month depending upon how many weeks are in each month).  We alternate between meeting in my home office in Kyle to teach new material, and meeting on public outings so that you can practice your skills out and about.  You have access to my personal cell phone 24/7 for questions and receive weekly custom homework assignments.  You can also check out equipment from my inventory to decrease your cost of training materials. All tasking and learning regimens are custom designed for your dog and task list. 

Private Lessons- $150 per hour long session, meeting in the park near my home. 

Puppy Private Lesson- $350  This is a private lesson, in your home, we custom design a training regimen and "training fix's" to common problems, this is the first training session, owner is provided with homework between each lesson.  2.5 hour session.

Each subsequent lesson is $150 for a 1 hour session. each week progresses through the teaching and reinforcing stages of advanced obedience training.

For every 5 training sessions you purchase, receive one free!

Most dogs move through Advanced Obedience in 6-8 Sessions. 

Puppy Jump Start: $750 Per Week

This program includes crate training, puppy potty texturization (the first 50% of potty training in the house).  Socializes puppy to other puppies, adult dogs, water, loud noises and teaches basic obedience commands to puppies, ages 8 weeks to 6 months.  We mold calm sitting for pets, we introduce tethering to teach your pup how to be calm inside the house. This is a free shaping program- we prevent your puppy from learning bad habits, and ensure success by custom making a routine for their specific needs. 

I only accept three dogs for training at any given time, meaning your dog gets individualized attention and training from start to finish!

You can pay your bill online with a credit or debit card using our online invoicing system.  Keep track of all of your payments, contract and other documents with our client portal.

Birdy yellow lab at the park
Sadie place at the park
  • Appointment policy: Normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, and every other Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. If you need to see me outside of those hours for more than a 15-minute boarding drop off and pickup, there will be a $50 after-hours appointment fee due at the time of service. If you show up more than 45 minutes late or miss an appointment without canceling at least 2 hours in advance, you will also incur a $75. missed appointment fee.


  • All dogs are required to be on flea/tick and heartworm preventative while in training, if you do not have your own, I can provide it for an additional $40 per month.  I can also provide booster shots if they are required while your dog is training, per your request.  


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