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Started Dogs

We currently have three Started Labradors for sale.  We have two imports from Ireland, and one American X English cross, bred here at Legend.  

Dogs bred at Legend are sold with a hip guarantee, although we do not carry any health guarantees on Import dogs, as they did not come directly from our breeding program.

We sell all of our started dogs on Limited to Full Registration (click the link to find out more information about Limited to Full Registration.)  We do accept payment plans for dogs who will continue to train with us once they arrive in the US.  Dogs who are being purchased "as is" the purchase price is due up front.

We guarantee the general health of imported dogs, but sometimes as part of the import process these dogs can develop minor, treatable health issues such as a urinary tract infection (common from holding it for an extended period during their long flight to the US from Ireland.)  

Don't see a dog here that meets your needs?  Complete the Started Dog Questionnaire, and let us help you find the dog you are looking for!  We assist buyers regularly in the import process; finding high quality dogs through our multiple contacts in Ireland that include Field Trial competitors and judges.  We ensure that you are not just being sold the "trash" that someone is trying to get rid of, but purchasing a well trained, balanced, high end Labrador, with the on and off switch that we at Legend are so famous for.  We manage the shipping, the paperwork, and the governmental red tape that can sometimes be a hassle, for you.  So that your importing experience is smooth and seamless.  

In addition, we offer training for these imported dogs once they arrive in the US at our Facility in Texas.  Through our partnerships with trainers in England and Ireland, we have a special understanding of the high praise, low pressure training techniques that make these dogs so great in the first place.  We can continue the training on these dogs, using whatever methods you prefer, and build the dog to whatever sport you prefer, whether it's a hunt test dog, a superior gundog, or a family companion, we will custom tailor the training to your needs to achieve your desired outcome.  This training is offered for all dogs for sale on this page, whether imports, or born at our facility.  

Please compete the Started Dog Questionnaire if you would like more information about our started dogs for sale, or to inquire about placing a deposit on one of the dogs you see here.  


Floyd Pedigree

For Sale, $7,500

(Seasoned Level)

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Floyd is an import from Ireland, born April 8, 2018. This boy is ready to hunt, is taking hand signals and has a very stylish retrieve. He has a natural soft mouth, he’s calm, quiet, very steady and super easy to train.
He has an impressive “British/ Irish” field trial pedigree behind him, and has already put in a season of being a pickup dog in Irish trials.
He has that superior “British” style temperament that is so sought after! With an eagerness to please and team player attitude beyond what we normally find in traditional “American” Labradors. This dog represents an amazing opportunity for a superior companion hunting dog, with the exceptional temperament to match any lifestyle.


For Sale,


(Seasoned Level)

Brooks is health tested, hips and elbows scored: Hips: 4/4, Elbows Elbow: 0 
Brooks is an import from Ireland, born August 15, 2016. He is taking hand signals and has a very stylish retrieve.  He sits steady and quietly while you shoot, but takes off like a rocket once sent. He has a natural soft mouth and keeps his cool under pressure beautifully.  
He has an impressive “British/ Irish” field trial pedigree behind him, and  has put in several years work as a pick up dog in Irish Field Trials.  This means that he has spent long hours honoring other dogs retrieves, only to be sent to pick up bird when competitors couldn't find it, or if it fell out of bounds. That's a great deal of talent and control!