Legend Working Dogs 

Training Obedience, Therapy and Service Dogs. Specializing in producing Superior Family Companion Dogs.

Legend Retrievers

Breeding Labradors for Service, Therapy, Hunting Dogs and to be Superior Family Companions.

Started Labradors Available

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At Legend, my focus is quality, not quantity.

 That's why I created a small, home based, breeding and training facility in College Station Texas.


My breeding and training programs are designed to build your very best possible companion, using relationship based training methods to produce an on and off switch- On when its time to work- off in the house.  

Being a small, home based training kennel gives me a distinct advantage, fewer dogs in training means more one-on-one time with each dog, the home based environment gives me the unique opportunity to teach house manners and other in home concepts to your dog, in addition to daily socialization with my son and members of my family.  Your dog will feel right at home, here in my home.  

I have obedience, puppy training, therapy and light service dog training packages to meet the needs of any dog owner.  And with free lifetime training support and consultations, you'll see my training programs as an insurance policy- ensuring good behavior for the life of your dog.  

I specialize in breeding Labrador Retrievers, American style, English Style and British style.  Between the three "types", I hope to offer anything and everything that you could be looking for in a Labrador puppy!

Stud Dogs

-Allison Sutton

-The Labrador Lady

Black, Yellow, Chocolate and Fox Red Labradors

In-Home Training