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HRCH Elite's Sweet Texas Ginger SH

(With 1 master pass)


DOB:    3/5/2012

apx  60 lbs

Dark chocolate with brown eyes, compact, very muscular.

Chocolate- Can produce black and chocolate puppies

OFA Hips: Excellent- LR209261E26F-VPI  

OFA Elbows: Normal   LR-EL6444F26-VPI

IEC: Carrier  (This means that Ginger must be bred responsibly- only to clear dogs to ensure that she never produces affected dogs.)

Ginger is my most premiere breeding female at my kennel,  partially because she has the very best on and off switch, but also because very simply put Ginger is the best marking dog I have ever seen.   Her exceptional natural marking ability combined with a drive and determination beyond most dogs make her a force to be reckoned with in the field.  But inside, she calms into a sweet, loving and devoted family companion.  Ginger is very quiet and laid back in the house, she would rather be off sleeping in the bedroom than up in the middle of the action.  Unless I'm sitting in my recliner.. then she's like to be right in my lap! And at her compact size, that's a place she can be.  She is very gentle as a lap dog, she settles down quite fast, giving me the ability to have the best of both worlds.  Ginger grew up with Mason and was a very affectionate play friend as these two have been raised together.  

As a hunting dog, Ginger NEVER comes back without your bird.  She is a determined and joyful hunter, she has quickly learned to mark birds independently.  Ginger's retriever drive in general is beyond comparison, she is also extremely nose driven,  her puppies would thrive in detection work.   

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