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UKC Show Champion 
Legend's Lightning Lady Junior Hunter

DOB 8/23/2018
55 lbs
Produces Yellow and Black

OFFA Hips: Pending Turning 2
OffA Elbows: Pending
Genetic Panel: MCD Carrier (must be bred to a clear)

Tesla retrieveing duck at a hunt tes

Tesla lives full time in a lovely Guardian home in Austin!

Tesla and her brother Jagger were my first import puppies to ever purchase, and boy am I glad I gave these babies a go!  Tesla's Sire was imported from Poland and her Mother imported from Russia, but Tesla born in the US.  Both her parents lines are very highly regarded European Confirmation lines that have produced hundreds of European Show Champions. 

I loved that Tesla and her brother Jagger have the look and solid build of a confirmation Labrador, but also have the tenacity and drive that a lot of "show" dogs lack.  Tesla LOVES birds, and is built like a little beefcake!  She is built SO muscularly, I love watching her pounce on a bird just before she turns to bring it back!  Tesla also has a very sweet side to her, I love having her in the house to play with my adolescent puppies and even my young puppies before they go home to their new families.  She is so gentle and playful with them, but is aware of her strength and body size.  These traits make for an exceptional family companion,  as this nurturing side she has really shines when she gets around the kiddos.  Tesla's puppies will make fantastic hunters as well as superior family companions!

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