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Bentley is owned by Mr. Shane Andrepont of Houston, but stands at Stud at Legend in College Station to approved females, upon request.  Bentley completed his basic obedience and force fetch with a pro trainer, but Shane decided to complete Bentley's handling training and ran Bentley through all of his hunt test himself.  Shane felt confident that Bentley could have achieved his Master title, but had so much trouble entering Master tests that he decided not to pursue it (Shane did achieve a Master Hunter Title with Bentley's older brother from the same parents, Milo.)

Bentley's ability to achieve these high levels of training with the primary guidance of an ameature tainer is a high testament to his advanced levels of intelligence, trainability and his team player attitude.  In the house, Bentley is an absolute gentleman.  He is very calm, easygoing, gentle and social with the other dogs as well as with children.  He is generally very responsive to commands and just wants to do what you want him to do.  He pairs very nicely with strong and balanced females, as he has a level of sensitivity to him, if paired with a very soft female could produce overly soft puppies. In my opinion, Bentley's level of sensitivity is perfect, he cares enough about what you think and what you want, that he is driven to do the right thing, to make you happy, not just to work only for himself, like some dogs.  

Bentley is available at stud to approved females- a Dame dog with health clearances, OFFA hip rating of Good or better, OFFA elbows, EIC/ CNM/ PRA testing and a recent brucellosis test for natural breedings.  The Dame should also have a title of some kind.  We will consider females without a title on a case by case basis.  Contact Allison to inquire as to whether or not your dog is a candidate.  

Live Breedings, Fresh Chilled and Frozen Semen Available!

Bentley Stud Fee: $1,200

OFFA Hips: Good- LR-221295E24M-VPI

OFFA Elbows: Normal- LR-EL73366M24-VPI

Eyes: Cerf- LR-EYE12414/30M-PI

EIC: Clear

CNM: Clear


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