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Limited To Full Registration-

  1. All puppies from Legend are sold on a limited registration.  This means that you may compete with your puppy in hunt tests, agility, any and all AKC sanctioned events, but any puppies produced under limited registration are not eligible for AKC registration of any kind.

  • The Legend puppy contract prohibits breeding of dogs outside of these conditions or with limited only registration.​

  1. At the age of two you may complete the following to achieve full registration:

  • Complete OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) hip and elbow testing and receive passing results for both joints.  Good or better in hips and normal in elbows.

  • If your dog's parents were carriers for EIC or CNM your dog must be genetically tested for these conditions.

  • Your dog must achieve an AKC or HRC title of any kind, agility, obedience, or hunt test.

  • Legend puppies sold on an agreement that they will not be bred to any dog carrying the D (Dilute or Silver) gene.

  • When the dog owner supplies all testing and title information to Breeder and signs breeding contract, Breeder ​will release full registration to Owner for an additional $50 to cover cost of paperwork.

Because I am passionate about the breed I feel that it is my duty to uphold the most stringent breeding standards, including education of potential breeders.  If you are interested in breeding your dog, please talk to me about your goals so that I may help you in any way that I can.


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