Puppy Whelping Service



You know when you've got an exceptional dog!  And sometimes we find that our dogs are so exceptional, that we want to breed it to produce more intelligent, driven, obedient dogs who will make the breed better.  


You may not have the time, patience, facility, or experience to whelp your own litter; that's where I come in! With 10 years of whelping experience and education on subjects such as general whelping, c-section, fading puppy syndrome, bottle feeding, health of the mother, you can rely on my expertise to get the job done and to do it right.

In my 10 years of whelping, I have seen quite a few scenarios, between naturally delivering 4 single puppy litters-- known for high risk of c-section--to a 36 hour 13 puppy delivery. A mother in labor is my priority, making her comfortable, monitoring the progress of her labor, monitoring puppies, and knowing when to intervene. Whelping a litter correctly can be stressful.  It is an extremely involved and time-consuming process as well.  You can count on me to give your dog my full attention throughout her labor and delivery, as well as during the critical 3 day period after birth. I enjoy sending video and picture progress updates throughout labor and delivery to ensure that you always know the health and status of your mother and her puppies.  


All litters of puppies are delivered in my home--that's right, in my home. Because delivery happens over an extended period of time, I don't trust walking away from your dog while she births. Therefore I move a whelping box into my home, to a quiet safe space, so that I can be feet away from her throughout her delivery. 

 As part of my whelping service, I have puppies dewclaws removed, provide their first round of shots, de-worm, microchip, I carry your health guarantee, and even assist you with finding exceptional  homes for your litter. 

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How Does it Work?

  • Your breeding female and stud must be breed standard. (Contact me with questions about this.)

  • Both Sire and Dame should have necessary health clearances, including OFA Hips and Elbows, EIC, CNM and PRA testing.

  • At least one parent should be titled in an AKC or HRC event, level of accomplishment may vary depending upon the breed or special circumstances.

  • Owner and I will agree on the price of puppies in advance, and we split the litter profits 50/50. 

  • Dog owner must have credit card on file with local vet clinic in case of C-section at time of drop off.


  • Depending on the dog, I like to have your female at my facility 1-2 weeks before delivery for bonding. 

  • I take care of all: Labor, delivery, whelping, bottle feeding, dewclaw removal, de-worming, administering the first round of shots, photographing and advertising the litter, meeting with customers to pick their puppies, pickup and payment of all puppies and microchipping. You are welcome to be as involved in this process as you'd like, but there is no need to stress about the details--I can take care of it all for you!

  • I subscribe to Early Neurological stimulation, early scent introduction, and early potty texturization.  Puppies listen to sound de-sensitization CD's including gunshots, fireworks, jackhammer, car alarm, to ensure that loud sounds wont effect your puppies.  The early socialization and play techniques that we use consistently produce some of the most well rounded puppies available.  Check out our Facebook page for pictures and videos of our puppy raising program!

Contact me for more information!