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David Bavero is the owner of Waterstone Labradors, Dave found himself enamored with British Style Labradors when he purchased his first one in 2006 Cowboy. Dave found Cowboy to have such an exceptional temperament, to be so gentle and easy to train, that he really sparked his interest in British Labs.  Dave began to follow the Field trials in the UK and Ireland and loved the hunting style.  After years of research and studying pedigrees, Dave began to become friends with some of the highest caliber judges and trainers in Scotland and Ireland.  He imported his first dogs in 2018 and once again, their superior temperament and high drive impressed him beyond belief.  He began importing adult, started Labradors later in 2019. It was a great success!  

With Dave's contacts throughout Ireland and the UK he is able to effectively find started dogs for sale with a field trial pedigree and can import them for qualified buyers.  If you are interested in a British field trial puppy or a started dog, contact Dave.  Dave and Allison have partnered in the breeding and started dog programs, Allison helps with training and choosing pairings for breedings, and whelps the litters.  Dave does much of the young dog work and puppy socialization on the started dogs and manages the importing of the dogs from overseas.

Dave is also in the process of selecting dogs for his breeding program here in the US. He hopes to have excellent pairings available in 2020.

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