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Newlander's After Shock "Spirit" WC
Labrador Working Certificate,
With HRC Started Hunter Passes

DOB: 11/24/2020
Yellow, Carries Black

Genetically clear of 209 Diseases, click on Genetic panel button below to see full results.
OFFA Preliminary Hips: Excellent
OFFA Preliminary Elbows: Normal

Spirit lives in a Guardian home in College Station and is Co-owned with Newlander Labradors in Ohio. He participates in our weekly Therapy dog program at the local children's home.

Spirit was born at Legend, out of our Fall 2020 Bacon X Autumn litter.  This young man has the most loving and gentle spirit, hence his name!  Spirit got all of the best parts of both Bacon and Autumn, he has great height, at 1.5 inches taller than both of his parents, making his offspring good candidates for light mobility service dogs.  He has excellent bone mass and a beautiful, deep chest, we plan to debut him in the UKC show ring in 2023.  

His temperament match his great looks, he is sweet, loving and excellent with kids, he has always instinctively understood how to be gentle with children, never jumping on them or crowding their space.  He excels as a therapy dog program, he follows direction beautifully and works very well independently of me.  He inherited Bacon's honest personality, he will work just as well for a perfect stranger that he's never met before, as he would for me.  He doesn't try to test boundaries or limits, he genuinely wants to do what you want, all the time, the only time he will be disobedient is when he genuinely doesn't understand.  It's this level of eagerness to please that makes Bacon offspring so easy to train, even for the novice trainer.  

Spirit also picked up Autumn's happy go lucky attitude, love for children and pure joy for life.  Every day is the happiest day of this boy's life!  

I am so excited to move forward with Spirit to run his Junior Hunt tests in the fall of 2022, to begin his show career in the spring of 2023 and try his hand out at Rally Obedience, competing with one of the students from our Christian Children's home therapy dog program. 

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