Puppy Jump Start



Puppy jump start is designed to teach your dog to love working with you at a young age!  We reinforce potty training and crate training. Social outings in town produce a confident and well rounded dog, in any environment, and early introduction to obedience training gives Jump Start Puppies a huge advantage!


This program can last anywhere from 1-4 months depending upon the age of the puppy and goals of the owner. During this time I introduce your puppy to water, other dogs, small children, loud noises, uneven surfaces, and a whole lot of other fun things!

The primary focus of this program is to produce a well rounded puppy, to focus on molding and building the temperament.  Giving each puppy the structure that it needs to turn into the very best version of itself. 


Puppy's enrolled in training during months 4 and 5 (their age) work through clicker conditining and learn sit, down, here and place, introducing the cornerstone concepts of formal obedience training in a warm and positive atmosphere.



Puppy Jump Start has two primary functions:

  • To socialize your puppy. Early introduction to different types of dogs; different sizes colors, personality types, at an early age, so that as an adult, your dog as a free and easy understanding of dog communication and group culture.  Exposure to new locations, like shopping centers, the retriever training grounds with ponds and fields to run, loud noises like gunshots and four wheelers.  All kinds of people, from tall to short, big to small, quiet to loud, early introduction to all kinds of stimuli produces a dog who as an adult can go anywhere, do anything, meet anyone, and be calm, confident and under control at all times. Our early socialization programs are actually deigned for Service and Therapy dogs, but we decided to take it one step further and offer this program to family companion dogs as well, giving your dog the best possible early education available!


  • To teach your puppy how to learn.  I teach all aspects of training to your dog by using pressure. I apply a little pressure until the dog produces the desired behavior, then release pressure and the dog receives praise and a reward!  A dog who has never been exposed to slight amounts of pressure can get confused and may not understand how to get out of pressure naturally. By exposing your puppy to small amounts of pressure at a young age and teaching him how to get out of it,  this style of learning becomes second nature, making it easier to introduce new concepts throughout your dog's life.