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Puppy jump start is designed to teach your dog to love working with you at a young age. 


This program usually takes 1-3 months depending upon the age of the puppy and goals of the owner. During this time I introduce your puppy to water, gunfire, other dogs, birds, and small children. The focus of this program is on retriever drive building, to ensure that your puppy has an instaiable desire to retrieve!  


I also work on different retrieving scenarios, depending on the age and level of your puppy, to teach concepts such as how to hunt with its nose (instead of just its eyes), marking, and mentally working through excitement as well as pressure.  I familiarize your puppy to walking on a leash, staying in a kennel, as well as solidifying potty training and house manners.  

Puppy Jump Start has two primary functions:

  • To increase your puppy's drive to retrieve.  A dog who loves to retrieve is more than willing to modify the way that it makes you happy. When you put rules on the retrieve such as force fetch and steadying, a dog that loves to retrieve moves with the flow, where a dog who just sort of enjoys retrieveing often loses interest. Having a strong desire to retrieve is the number one most important aspect in making a dog into a hunting retriever or an antler shed hunter.  


  • To teach your puppy how to learn.  I teach all aspects of training to your dog by using pressure. I apply a little pressure until the dog produces the desired behavior, then release pressure and praise the dog.  A dog who has never been exposed to slight amounts of pressure can get confused and in some scenarios even shut down. By exposing your puppy to small amounts of pressure at a young age, this style of learning becomes second nature, making it easier to introduce certain concepts at a younger age and making other concepts come to your dog faster throughout retriever training.  


Puppy Jump Start is an entirely in-home training program, therefore puppies who are not potty trained require me to get up in the middle of the night. This program cost $1,000 per month.  


** I only take TWO puppies at a time for jump start training, (or two if their ages are at least a month apart). If you are interested in this service, please reserve your space as soon as possible!**