Legend's Bayou Beamin' Bird Dog


DOB: 12/17/2015

Apx 55 lbs

Birdy is  a medium sized female  with a compact

but proportionate body type.

She is a darker yellow.

Yellow- can produce yellow and black puppies.

OFA Hips: Preliminary results normal

OFA Elbows: Preliminary results normal

EIC: Awaiting results

CNM: Clear 

Birdy has been an absolute pleasure thus far in her short life.  She is a very affectionate, sweet, easygoing, eager to please pup.  She has been one of the quickest force fetch dogs I have ever trained, she is an excellent natural marker and has phenomenal drive.  Her eagerness to please combined with a tad of sensitivity make her easy to mold in the house, no need to raise your voice, just let this girl know that you didn't appreciate whatever she did and she can't figure out fast enough what it is that you do want.  She loves to play with the younger puppies as well as Mason, my 6 year old son.  Birdy sleeps in the bed with me every night and has been accompanying me to training, football practices and other family events since she was 7 weeks old.  

Birdy will be 2 in December of 2017, her first litter is planned for sometime after that.  I currently have 2 studs in mind for her first litter, but will make a final decision as far as who best compliments her personality when she turns 2.

Birdy littermates