HR Elite's Elegant Ellie SH 


DOB : 5/25/2012

Apx 70 lbs

Ellie is a larger female, tall, lean and muscular.  She is a lighter yellow.

Yellow- can produce black and yellow puppies.

OFA Hips: Excellent  LR-221603E48F-VPI

OFA Elbows: Normal    LR -EL73627F48-VPI

EIC: Carrier

CNM: Clear by parentage 

Ellie Mae (as I affectionately call her) is a simply amazing family dog! Though all of my dogs have been bred and conditioned to be excellent with kids, Ellie takes it to a whole new level.  This is that dog that my 6 year old cound run in a junior hunt test, off lead without holding her collar and fully expect her to be steady, to fetch on command, to follow him anywhere and listen to his every word, responding quickly and effectively.  Ellie was often known to follow Mason up the ladder on his playscape just to "hang out" with him on the wooden platform 6 feet off the ground.  

When she lives with her family at her primary home she is blessed with a little girl and 2 little boys, several years ago I gave Ellie's big sister a toy vet kit for her birthday, her dad came into her room one day to find their 4 year old daughter attempting to take Ellie's temperature.. rectally.. and sweet Ellie just stood there and let her do it!  A testament to her gentle, loving and family oriented temperament.  When Ellie came home from a training stent to a new 3 month old baby boy, she laid on the floor with him in his play area, unable to get close enough to her new baby.  Ellie is a very affectionate big sister, a loyal companion to her family.  Her owners could'nt be happier with her temperament as far as a family dog and hunter are concerned.

In the field Ellie is a thinker!  Send this girl on a blind retrieve and she runs consistently, at a steady, moderate pace, stops precisely on the whistle and thinks hard about your casts, she is a true team player. Ellie was also blessed with some pretty exceptional natural marking ability, teaching multiples to this girl was a breeze, she consistently lines marks, is steady as a rock and was a very easy train.  Ellie is a little sensetive, but in my opinion just the right amount of sensetive, she is so eager to please and in tune with you that a novice trainer would succeed with this girl.  She really is the whole package.  

Ellie Allie.2
Happy Ellie
Ellie meet Easton
Ellie as a puppy
Ellie floor Easton
Ellie.1 (2)