The Legend Bed & Breakfast!


Many chain boarding facilities leave your dog in a 10X10 room with a TV and let him out for a few hours to play with other dogs, where there may not even be any grass!


Your dog may have completed training and would just enjoy being at the facility around like-minded dogs and swimming in the ponds and running in the fields. You might prefer it to lie in the lap of luxury by either rotating or staying full time in my home while you are traveling. Either way, Legend is the place to be!


When I board dogs who have already completed training with me, I like to touch up their training commands.

I also board dogs that have not gone through training at my facilility.

Whether you are considering putting your dog through training and want to give it the chance to check the place out, or just need a responsible reliable boarding solution for the weekend, Legend is the place!


Does your dog require daily medications or need a special dog bed? I am comfortable and flexible with your dogs' needs and am more than happy to accommodate your requests at a competitive price.


Boarding Rates: (All Boarding Spots are In Home)

  •  $35 per day for the first dog. This includes a 15-minute drop off and pickup appointment, even when scheduling on Sundays. If you need additional time on a Sunday, or outside of normal hours, there will be an after-hours appointment fee. Boarding also includes free training touch up, reserve your space early, we have a limited availability for boarding.