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(3 months of training as a stand-alone course, including basic and advanced obedience or 1 month of training when added to another course.)


I feel a drip of sweat on my forehead as buck fever sets in.  As I pull back my bow, take a deep breath and try to steady my hand, I see my arrow fly and penetrate its target.  With a great flash of blood and energy I see my prey dart off into the distant woods as the sun begins to fade behind the horizon. The blood droplets are small, concealed in the dead leaves and grass. Fortunately, I have my best friend waiting in the truck and I know his nose won't let me down tonight.



Of all of the painstaking processes we go through to deer hunt, bathing in scent-free soap, washing our clothes in scent-free detergent, concealing ourselves in a well thought out blind, sneaking in early in the morning or late in the afternoon, sitting quietly without making a sound for hours... days... seasons even, before you see the deer you want to take. To go through so much work, to shoot the deer you've been after, just to lose it at sunset?  Such a fear is a thing of the past with blood trailing training! 


Blood trailing training teaches your dog to track minute traces of blood, invisible to the naked eye. Previous customers dogs have tracked deer over 900 yards through thick cover at night! Because a dog's sense of smell is so much stronger than ours, and because this program is based off of food drive, almost any dog can be a very successful blood trailer. I teach blood trailing with diluted blood to ensure that your dog's sense of smell is honed, so that when it comes across that fresh, iron-like smell, it has no doubt what to follow.



Blood Trailing Training Includes

  • Basic and advanced obedience

  • "Find it" command: You simply take your dog to the location you believe the blood trail begins and say, "Find it!" Your dog will do the rest.

  • Handler training: All dogs work a little differently--some dogs work better on leash, some off. Each dog requires a different treat reward. I will teach you what works best for your dog as well as how to set up practice trails at home to keep your dog in tip top trailing shape.  



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