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Third Place Winner of  the Grueling IGL Championship, October 2019!

We at Legend Retrievers and Waterstone Labradors feel so fortunate to be one of only three kennels in the US to have access to semen from Tamrose Aragon.  Arguably one of the best dogs on the Irish Field trial circuit today, Arthur puppies have a reputation for being highly moldable, quick learners with an easygoing and eager temperament.  He is consistently producing soft mouthed pups with great drive, very athletic and agile bodies and that classic British disposition that we love so much. 


Arthur is from the highly renowned Irish Kennel, Tamrose Labradors.  Matty Lambden of Tamrose Labradors bred, trained and handles Arthur.  Matty reports that Arthur is one of the finest dogs he has ever had the pleasure of handling, he says that Arthur's attitude is part of what makes him such a pleasure.  It doesn't matter the weather, the situation, the game, Arthur is running out, full blast, working hard, ready for more, EVERY SINGLE TIME. 


 Arthur has represented his country internationally in Retriever championships for the last several years. He has produced several field trial winner puppies already, two qualifying for this year's championship on their first year competing!  Between his pedigree and his accomplishments, you can see why we are so excite to have Arthur on our team! 


"British" Labradors as a whole are bred quite differently than an American or English Labrador.  Where American's are bred to be long legged, lean, athletic and agile, with high drive and a fast disposition.  The English are bred to be blocky, stocky, slower moving and lower to the ground, with a generally slower energy level and calmer disposition.  Where the American Labrador has been bred to mark at great distances, the English Lab has generally been bred more for his appearance than his trainability aspects.

The British dog is the perfect inbetween of these two types.  Bred to have a more athletic and agile body, like the American, but a little bit thicker and stockier head, like the English, the British dog's build is a cross of the two types. 


In temperament the British dog is bred to be superior to both Americans and English. The breeding standards in Ireland and the UK are much more stringent than in America, if a dog isn't just perfect, it is spayed/ neutered and re-homed.  Because the field trial style in Ireland and England is more similar to a realistic hunting scenario, the breeding outcome also produces a dog that is better suited to a real hunt.  Dogs that whine, bark, or cannot sit still through an honoring situation, are immediately dropped from a trial.  A dog needs to be an excellent natural marker, have a great nose for game, as they must track freshly wounded game scent through the scent of old, already picked up game and differentiate between the two.  E-collars are not used in training in Ireland and the UK, so a dog needs to be pliable, moldable, eager to please and responsive enough to desire to work for the handler.  

This generally produces a dog that is gentler, softer, sweeter, eager to please, naturally soft mouthed.  They tend to be very balanced, sitting like a statue watching the birds go down, but take off with a quick, stylish hunt when it's time to go.  British dogs are ideal for the amateur trainer, who wants a dog that will be responsive to him/ her and want to do the work, so much so that it comes easily to them as a team.  These dogs do not require high pressure training techniques, but thrive with balanced, communicative training. 

What is a British Labrador?

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