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(Three months of training as a stand alone program- including basic and advanced obedience, or 1 additional month when added to another program.)


Where are all of the big bucks hanging out? Any hunter setting up a new deer stand or choosing from multiple locations on his property has at some point pondered this question. Finding shed antlers is the very best way to answer it.  

What better way to enjoy some time with the dog, the family, out on the ranch than using your dog to help you shed antler hunt?

Included in Antler Shed Hunting Training

  • Basic and advanced obedience

  • "Hunt The Sheds" command: Simply take your dog to the area of where you want to look for sheds, use hand movements which I will teach you to cast it into the area where you want him to hunt. Begin to walk around and if there are antlers, your dog will find them!  Because shed hunting is based off of retriever desire, most dogs are capable and very successful at shed hunting. 

  • Training on how to keep your dog's shed antler skills sharp: When we don't use it, we lose it and this skill is no exception. Practicing for shed hunting can be just as enjoyable as finding new ones. I enjoy teaching my customers how to train with their dogs to keep this skill sharp and keep it fun for both dog and handler.